Earnnest Brings Electronic Transfers to Real Estate
To streamline the home-buying process, Earnnest uses Dwolla to make sending earnest money an electronic process.
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Dwolla Helps Encast Create A Greater Impact
Encast is a fee-free platform for donations, thanks to an integration with Dwolla and the ACH Network.
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Dwolla Helps Bento for Business Scale
Bento for Business allows employers to control employee spending using Dwolla’s API to facilitate the transfer of funds from the employer’s account to a Bento account.
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Rally Rd. Provides Investment Opportunities
Rally Rd. needed a custom solution that fit its unique regulatory obligations.
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Savings App Outpaces Projection by 20% With Dwolla
Using Dwolla, Kidfund, outpaced its transferred funds projection by 20%
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Qoins Mobile App Improves Its Margins with Dwolla
After switching payments providers, Qoins improved margins by 10% with Dwolla’s API.
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